Hi, I’m Roland Frei

In 1995 I left home and the world of my parents' restaurant to enter the world of air traffic control and aeronautical information management.

I am a passionate poolplayer and became Swiss Junior Champion when I was 18. It was in billiards that I discovered my passion and talent for teaching and have helped players of different ages learn the game.

Several years later, I could turn my passion for learning and teaching into a profession at Swiss Air Traffic Control. Today, I lead a team for developing learning concepts and (digital) learning content. I am involved in several projects, have completed various trainings, held different positions, trained numerous professionals and had the opportunity to work with highly qualified international experts.

My speciality is to develop innovative educational solutions and to integrate them into daily operations.

I love to empower people to use modern technologies and concepts for their purpose. That is why my services are made for pragmatists. I share my best explanations, concepts and management tools from now over 20 years of experience.

Like a Swiss Army knife, my course contains tools for many challenges at a fair price that will help you become a master in your field.

Target Audience

From human resources development in companies to educational institutions - my services are aimed at everyone who deals with the topics of education and e-learning. This means education and personnel managers, trainers, teaching and management staff in companies, administrations and educational institutions at all levels. In addition, with a view to future competences, they are aimed at organisational developers, e-learning project managers, management consultants, ICT managers and employees from IT departments who take on e-learning tasks.